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The new society of exceptional people
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The new society of exceptional people

In the schools, we are being taught was is thought to be useful for future work.

This is the reason why students are being steered away from certain disciplines on the grounds that one will never get a job doing that. So we all study Maths, English, Geography, whatever we’re being told to learn regardless of interest or natural ability.  

Now ironically, we are living through a new wave of successful elites who got to where they are not through academic achievements but by following their interests and “doing the things they love”. Which isn’t to say that hard work wasn’t required to get to where they are. But here we have the “exceptionals”. The athletes, artists, novelists, entrepreneurs, those who went against the norm, followed their interests and benefited greatly from it. And today, these are the people that society admires.

These exceptional people are so because they are/did just that, took exception to the norm. And not follow the conventional path which just output average citizens all competing for ever more depleting jobs.

The jobs are depleting.

Graduates are having to not only compete for roles with their peers, but with people all around the world who can do the exact same tasks for a fraction of the price as outsourcing roles or simple tasks becomes ever more prominent.

Not only do we find ourselves facing the “inflation” of qualifications. Even after all is said and done, you find yourself competing with a global world for jobs. You need a differentiator. Something that the standard school won’t give you.



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