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How can schools prepare kids for the future?

Education is supposed to prepare us for the future.

Mostly as this “famous” quote says

“ Much of education is geared towards making a living rather than making a life”.


While schools try their best to prepare us to get a job in the future, it hasn’t been so great at teaching us to actually live in the future. There are so many things that are being overlooked like how to be financially independent or simply, money management, social aptitudes in the real world, etc.

We are preparing our kids today for a future which no one knows the face of.

You can make some educated guesses of course but even the most educated guesses can’t plan for exceptional systemic events like the Corona pandemic which leaped us 5 years ahead in terms of how we work, live and interact with others.

All of a sudden, everyone had to get with the program of online learning, working, trading and communication.

So to say that the future is unpredictable is certainly an understatement!


Here is what I would love the schools to do; Instead of teaching for “an answer”, we should be looking at methodologies.  

Because these given “answers” are what are likely to change in the future. Even scientific answers like how many planets are in the solar system! What I learnt when I was younger is quite different to what they are teaching my son due to new discoveries or changes in definitions. 


The schools need to focus less on trying to shove a curriculum down the throat of their students but rather, truly teach them how to learn. How to find the answers for themselves. The very essence of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish for a day. 



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